Feeling Stressed, Tired, and Fat?

Our adrenal glands function to help us handle stress.  When they are overworked from too much stress, they begin to “burn out”.  This condition has been labeled “adrenal fatigue.”  It is one of the most underrecognized conditions of excessive fatigue occuring during the last 50 years.  Adrenal fatigue affects your energy levels, your immune response, and your vitality and passion for life.  Also, if your adrenal glands aren’t working well you will look and feel older. Most “Anti-Aging Clinics” which are very popular right now have much of their focus on helping the adrenal glands.

Daniel Monti, MD,  Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson Medical College, and author of The Great Life Makeover has said “when the adrenals aren’t functioning adequately people become old, fat, tired, wrinkly, and unsexy much faster.”

In natural medicine and functional medicine one of the most common dysfunctions we see with our patients is adrenal fatigue. Which is in stark contrast with traditional medicine which don’t generally recognize any adrenal problems unltil the adrenal glands are 90% destroyed or dysfunctional.

When the adrenal glands start to suffer other areas of the body will also start to show problems. One of the best ways to start the climb back to vitality, feeling more fit, and feeling energetic again is to start rebuilding healthy adrenal gland function.