Low EnergyFeeling blue or a bit depressed or anxiousness is a common occurrence for many people. However, if one deals with this constantly and it doesn’t seem to go away then you may have a problem that needs attention. Many people will want to take medications that attempt to control moodiness, emotional distress and depression. And some people are just told to ‘get over it’. In most cases there’s just been physiology that’s gone a bit haywire. One of the cutting edge models for explaining depression believes that your immune system and inflammation can bring out depression. Other factors such as thyroid imbalance, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and blood sugar irregularity are other common reasons for a person feeling these melancholy or anxious states. These are just a few of the underlying issues that may be contributing to depression and emotional distress. Our clinic is extremely adept at helping you find the specific underlying reason why you might not be feeling like the person you know you can be.