Low EnergyMost everyone attributes their health problems to stress. Unfortunately, stress is all around us. The trick is to be able to handle it gracefully and not be affected by it.  And there are many types of things that create stress that our body responds negatively to.  Besides just the mental and emotional stress our body also goes into stress mode when we aren’t getting the proper nutrients; when we are dehydrated; when we are exposed to environmental toxins; when our blood sugar is imbalanced; when there is inflammation; when we have covert infections. These are just some of the things that cause our body to be in a stress state. Many people are accumulating and suffering from these stresses but are unaware these stresses are contributing to their progressive downward spiral of health decline.  At Body Wisdom Center for Healing we identify these detrimental stresses and help you solve them so that you can move toward a better state of health.