Dr. Gin is one of only a limited number of holistic, natural healthcare doctors in the Southern California area that addresses the four most important factors to regaining and maintaining health: physical structure, nutrition, toxicity, and psychoemotional stress.

Dr. Gin’s approach allows the patient to achieve optimal health without the use of drugs or surgery.  Patients have the benefit of receiving cutting-edge, advanced healing approaches based on both cutting edge western and eastern medicines.  


We are not addressing your health issues on one level but on 4 levels, all at the same time – an assessment and healthcare approach that virtually no other system does. When you need this system of care, your condition will probably not get solved any other way. You are not just getting one specialized approach, but essentially 4 approaches combined and that is why we get such fantastic results…Synergy in action. This is a very essential and powerful combination.

In addition to Dr. Gin, all the practitioners at Body Wisdom Center for Healing are among the top in their field and are here to give you the personal care and attention you and your well-being deserve.