The compassionate, professional practitioners of Body Wisdom Center for Healing are dedicated to assisting and empowering people facing the challenges of being whole on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

We facilitate healing from even serious or chronic health challenges and specialize in the cleansing of physical, environmental, emotional, and energetic conditions. We create and implement new models for integrating traditional and innovative health approaches and clinical practices in a unique, relaxing, nurturing and safe atmosphere

In order for wellness to occur, we recognize that a proactive attitude and the qualities of commitment, responsibility and honest communication are priorities for both the patient and practitioner. As a result, we provide education, tools and support to empower our clients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Our vision is to celebrate life by participating with a like minded team in re-awakening the human spirit through improved physical and emotional health, bringing the Earth into harmony and realigning world thought to the infinite potential of humanity. To share in the adventure of reconnecting people’s individual power and energy so they may express and live with greater passion, purpose, personal meaning, self-awareness and fulfillment leading to planetary harmony and peace.